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CABINET REFACING - Save $2500.00 to $7000.00 Refacing your Kitchen.
From kitchen cabinetry to the bathroom vanities of your home, we can help you save money with cabinet refacing.
This service is the ideal choice when the room is functional, but you want to update the look. We start by removing the old doors and drawer fronts along with any moldings.
The next step is to sand the face frames and end panels to prepare them for new laminate or veneer. Once the new laminates are installed over the cabinet faces, we will install your new doors and drawer fronts. Your cabinetry will look like new, but it takes a fraction of the time and will save you thousands over the cost of a new kitchen.
There are a few benefits to choosing refacing options. In addition to being more affordable, it is also much faster than full kitchen remodeling. The demolition work is minimal compared to a full renovation, and we can still add some new cabinets if they are required in a few areas. In addition to using this service in the kitchen, you can also trust us to reface the cabinetry in your bathroom if that room needs updating.

What is Refacing

Refacing your cabinetry is simply replacing the old and out dated cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new, it also involves resurfacing of your cabinet face frames and end panels to match your choice of color.  Refacing is a cost effective solution to remodeling your kitchen. If your cabinets are in fairly good condition and you would like to save time and money, refacing is a great option to breathe new life into your old and out dated kitchen.

Is My Kitchen a Good Candidate for Refacing

Ugly Kitchen Color

"I Hate The Color of my Kitchen I need an inexpensive solution."

Budget issues

"I would like to do a complete kitchen remodel, adding a few cabinets and moldings but it simply blows the Budget."

Out dated Kitchen.

"My kitchen is out dated I need to fix it but I can not afford a full remodeling right now."

Counter Top Complication.

"I Would do a full remodeling with new cabinets, But I would loose my investment in Granite counter tops. I need a solution that will make my cabinets look new without destroying the Granite Top."
How is the process done?
Remove all of the existing
doors & drawer fronts
including moldings.
Sand all face frames and
end panels for new
laminate or veneer.
laminate\Veneer existing
cabinets, install new kitchen
cabinets where needed.
Install new drawers with Blum
quality side mount roller glides.
Install new doors and drawer
fronts replace broken hinges
with Blum quality Euro hidden
    Refacing not an
Option we can Design
  (((new Kitchen.)))
Door Options

Door Options