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GETTING STARTED - Custom Cabinets or Ready Made Cabinets
Whatever your taste or style; contemporary or traditional cabinetry, we are here to turn your dreams and ideas into reality.
With Custom cabinets there are no limitation on Designs, colors, door styles, carvings, moldings and accessory Options. The Sky is the limit.
With your Ready made cabinets you get to Choose from our Pre designed package collections, as many as 15 different styles and colors.

Starting a remodel can be an overwhelming process. “What type of cabinets should I get?” “What material is the best?” “What hardware will last the longest?” are all questions we hear every day. This section of our website is devoted to giving you the most indepth info we can about your new cabinets. If you have a question feel free to give us a call (954) 624-6877

There are two basic types of cabinet boxes: Framed and Frameless. With Framed cabinet construction, a 1 ½” wide face frame is added to the front of the cabinet box, while in Frameless (Also called European Style) cabinet construction has a 3/4" funiture plywood sides.